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Friday, July 30, 2010

Tool # 8 videos

I spent way too much time looking for videos. I had fun looking at different videos and I also got some ideas for creating classroom videos! Videos in the classroom are a great way to go out side the classroom to learn or expand on what is being learned in the classroom. I am sometimes limited on how to illustrate what I am teaching but I can bridge what I am teaching to a video that will help the students better understand what they are learning. I selected a video on dinosaurs, my students are big on dinosaurs. In the video I found the students may get a better picture of what happend to the dinosaurs.


Next couple of videos focus of the U.S. and in the Kinder Unit we learn about the U.S. symbols. I could never be able to sing America the Beautiful or any of the other beautiful American songs so I was able to find videos with others doing the singing.



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