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Monday, July 26, 2010

Tool #3 Making pictures & words

Previously, I had a very hard time making a book using bookr. I got frustrated and gave up!This time, I picked to work in Dumpr and Wordle. I turned Noah's 1st birthday pic into a cube. The kids could use Dumpr to play with images and creat new things.
Using Wordle, I could have students look for specific words like by initial sound, number of syllables or number of letters in the word.

Wordle: K Sight Words


  1. Once you create the cube or a puzzle does it become interactive? How do they do things with it?

  2. I haven't played with it, I just did what I had to for the task at hand. At this point I would have the students learn how to find a picture, select what they want to do with the picture.