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Sunday, August 1, 2010


As I look at all the things that I learned, I really liked wordle. I want to use the students names at the begining of the school year and have the students do a name search. I like the whole idea of connecting to another classroom, school, state, or the other side of the word via Skype. I think it would be meaningful for the students to be able to talk to students on the other side of the world or in another state when we study maps. I feel like I have learn and have much to explore with how to use some of the new technology (new to me) in my classroom. I have to say that I wasn't excited to work on 11 tools, but at the end I am glad I had to do it. I don't think I would have done all the playing around with my computer if I hadn't been required to do so.

Tool #11 Digital Citizenship

I see the light at the end of the tunnel! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can......
I still have much to learn, practice, understand as I continue to learn how to travel in cyberspace . I need to teach my student how to travel in cyberspace safely and responsibly. I must make sure that my students know that not everything they come across is appropriate for them or that it is even true. I know that not only do I need to show the students how to manuever but also allow them to do it themselves. I think that it is also important for the parents to be familiar with the technology that their child learning. Partnering with the parents can also make the child's journey safer.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tool #10 Mobile Tech and Apps

Wow, so many apps and not enough time to look at them all. I was reading about the different (i) stuff. I understand that I am able to download games, videos, books, and much more using iPod, iTouch, or the iPhone. Early this summer I was able to play with an iPod and found it be pretty neat. I can download a book so that my students can listen to it during literacy centers in the listening center or during bilingual pairs. There are so many free apps about what ever you may need for your classroom. I looked at apps for games to be used for math, science, social studies and language arts. The sky is the limit. It will take some time for me to get it all under control and somewhat understand the technology at hand but I see my students being able to work, play, and learn.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Tool #9 Jing and Skype

I really liked the capabilities of jing, sharing information, videos, ideas. I think that students could create videos of things they have learned or are learning. I am aware of all the technology that is out there and I didn't even know it was there. Many times I have questions about what to do on my computer, my helper can use jing to show me what I should be doing. Like Mr. Delgado or my husband! Thanks guys.
Skype is so cool! I set up an account and even added some contacts. I think this would be sure a neat way to connect with other classrooms with in the our community or beyond.

Tool # 8 videos

I spent way too much time looking for videos. I had fun looking at different videos and I also got some ideas for creating classroom videos! Videos in the classroom are a great way to go out side the classroom to learn or expand on what is being learned in the classroom. I am sometimes limited on how to illustrate what I am teaching but I can bridge what I am teaching to a video that will help the students better understand what they are learning. I selected a video on dinosaurs, my students are big on dinosaurs. In the video I found the students may get a better picture of what happend to the dinosaurs.


Next couple of videos focus of the U.S. and in the Kinder Unit we learn about the U.S. symbols. I could never be able to sing America the Beautiful or any of the other beautiful American songs so I was able to find videos with others doing the singing.



Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tool #7 Story Telling

I like this tool, I can see working with the students to create personal books. The students could record themselves reading the text or retelling the story without text just the pictures.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tool #6 Wikis

I can see how we could plan for grade level activities like 100th's day, Kinder celebration, fall festival and we can share the information, add and delete as we plan. I need to play more with the tools and I would like to maybe explore with using the wiki as a center or small groups work.